Monday May 20, 2024

Luke Bryan falls on stage while performing at Coast City Country Festival

The singer slipped on a fan's phone, sparking humour among audience

By Web Desk
April 22, 2024
Country Music star Luke Bryan falls flat on his back

Country music star Luke Bryan recently sparked concern among his audience after falling off on stage on Saturday, April 20.

The American Idol judge stopped by the Coast City Country Festival at B.C Place for his Mind of a Country Boy Tour.

Many fans took to social media to show his hilarious fall, with the singer laughing it off like nothing happened.

In various snippets from the show, Bryan was spotted walking across the stage before he landed flat on his back.

Apparently, the singer had slipped on a fan's phone. 

He held the phone up, jokingly adding, "My lawyer will be calling," before throwing it to the owner in the crowd.

Asking if anyone caught the moment on the camera, he exclaimed: "I need some viral, this is viral!"

The video took the internet by storm, with fans adding various comments under the posts featuring the Bryan’s fall.

One user commented: "I was there I couldn’t stop laughing."

While another chimed in, adding: "So funny."

A third laughingly added: "It was so funny."

Replying to the above-mentioned comments, a fourth responded: "I know lmao."