Thursday May 23, 2024

Sam Taylor-Johnson finds public fascination with age gap marriage to Aaron 'shocking'

Sam Taylor-Johnson downplays age gap concerns : 'After 14 years, does it really matter?'

By Web Desk
April 22, 2024

Sam Taylor-Johnson expressed her surprise at the ongoing curiosity surrounding the 24-year age gap between her and her husband Aaron. 

The 57-year-old director married Aaron, now 33, in 2012, three years after they met on the set of Nowhere Boy. 

Despite maintaining a fiercely private relationship, the couple has often been the subject of public scrutiny and controversy due to their significant age difference.

Taylor-Johnson admitted that the initial attention on their relationship was quite intense, suggesting that people are drawn to trying to understand things they find unconventional or unexpected.

 "People want to understand things when they can't," she remarked. 

However, she noted that the public's curiosity has since subsided, as the couple has now been together for 14 years. 

Despite the early controversies, they have proven their relationship's resilience and moved beyond the initial speculation.

In a recent appearance on BBC Radio 4's This Cultural Life, director Johnson reflected, "I guess that interest was more when we got together, which was now 14 years ago," she said, recalling the intense scrutiny they faced at the beginning of their relationship. 

"That sort of fascination, because he's younger than me, which you know, we couldn't really fathom."

Despite the initial attention, Sam noted that the fascination has diminished over time. "But I guess it's sort of gone away a little bit," she added.

However, she mentioned that the topic occasionally resurfaces during press interviews. 

"Mostly when I'm doing press and things like this, it sort of resurges a little bit. 

But yeah, I guess people want to understand things when they can't," she explained, noting that unconventional relationships often attract curiosity.