Tuesday May 21, 2024

Usher receives the key to the city for his hometown of Chattanooga

Usher was raised in the city of Chattanooga in Hamilton County, Tennessee, United States

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April 21, 2024
Usher was previously granted the key to the city for Las Vegas as well
Usher was previously granted the key to the city for Las Vegas as well

Usher’s hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee just gave him the key to the city.

On Saturday, April 20, the 45-year-old musician and dancer was honoured at the Coming Home: A Celebration of Usher event held at his hometown.

Though he did not perform at the event, his music was celebrated on stage by several other artists, including student dancers from the Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts, per local outlet News Channel 9.

Speaking at the event, the King of R&B said, “Even though I’m not here every day, wherever I am, you need to know Chattanooga is the foundation.”

Chattanooga’s Mayor Tim Kelly addressed Usher in his own remarks, saying, “When today’s event was announced you said that Chattanooga would honor the spark that ignited your fire. Well, there can be no fire without the spark. So we are just grateful that Chattanooga gave rise to global fame and incredible artistic achievement.”

April 20 was also declared Usher Raymond Day in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Usher later took to his Instagram to mark the milestone, sharing photographs from the event which he attended with his loved ones. 

“I never forgot where I came from, as it helps remind me where I’m going,” he declared in the caption.

Usher has previously received the key to the city for Las Vegas as well.