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Prince Harry faces calls to step down as fresh torture claims hit African charity

Harry, The Duke of Sussex, comes under fire after fresh abuse claims hit African charity

By Web Desk
April 20, 2024
Prince Harry faces calls to step down after fresh allegations
Prince Harry faces calls to step down after fresh allegations

Prince Harry is said to be in hot water after fresh torture and abuse allegations hit African charity.

The Duke of Sussex could face pressure to step down from the board of the charity after a series of new shocking claims and accusations. 

Harry was reportedly promoted to the organisation’s governing board of directors last year after being the president of the charity for six years.

It comes after an investigation by Dutch journalist Olivier van Beemen lifted the lid of what happens behind the scenes, claiming that armed rangers use torture methods to extract information from poachers.

Van Beemen conducted interviews as part of a three-year investigation into the organisation, which receives funding from British aids, US billionaires and celebrities. His new book called, Entrepreneurs in the Wild, details alleged abuse by former and current staff at African Parks charity.

One former ranger is quoted as claiming that he and his colleagues beat suspected poachers as they were tied up and dangling in the air, a brutal method known as ‘the swing’.

After being promoted to the new role in 2023, Meghan Markle's husband Harry has shared responsibility for overseeing the charity's policy and supervising its management of 22 national parks in partnerships with governments across African countries.

The Duke has come under fire after the fresh allegations as African Parks bosses allegedly debated whether Harry was still a useful connection after his departure from the royal family.

A source told Van Beemen they were concerned at the time of the royal exit whether the ‘controversies surrounding the prince’ could pose ‘a risk’ to the charity, according to The Times.