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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will not attend 2024 Met Gala: Here's why

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have turned down the invite for one reason, claims source

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April 19, 2024
Taylor Swift in love with Travis Kelce 

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will reportedly not attend the 2024 Met Gala despite receiving the invitees.

A source spilled to TMZ that the pair have "RSVP'd no" to the star-studded event, which is going to be held on May 6.

It's believed that the songstress turned down the invitation because the event falls the same week Taylor needs to resume her Eras Tour, with her first stop in Paris on May 9.

However, it is not known why Travis rejected his invitation to The Met.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will not attend 2024 Met Gala: Heres why

A source lately told The Sun that the pair wouldn't be at the New York City gala, saying "they're taking it easy before the next leg of Taylor's tour kicks off".

"They are loving to just relax, spend time together, and stay at Taylor's residencies to just enjoy being together and get a well-deserved rest," shared an insider.

The source revealed, "It's that time of year where both are off and they like not to attract any attention, to not be going to many public events, and just stay in their 'bubble'."

"They have been invited to tons of public events in the last few weeks but they declined them," stated an insider.

The source added, "The Met Gala is a massive event but the plan is to not go as they want to enjoy the maximum time they have before the start of the Euro tour."

Meanwhile, Taylor's new album The Tortured Poets Department is out now.