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Prince Harry aims for new 'title' after cutting ties with UK, royal family

Prince Harry recently made a bold move to severe ties with his family

By Web Desk
April 19, 2024
Prince Harry aims for new title after cutting ties with UK, royal family
Prince Harry aims for new 'title' after cutting ties with UK, royal family

Prince Harry’s latest decision to declare his country of residence as the USA prompted all kind of presumptions from royal experts and commentators.

Speaking to TalkTV, Kinsey Schofield claimed the Duke of Sussex has set his sights in becoming “Prince of America” after renouncing UK residency in official documents.

It comes after Companies House unveiled the royal’s filings, which stated America as his new country of residence, after it was amended on 29 June 2023, the day King Charles asked the Sussexes to vacate Frogmore Cottage, their property in the UK.

Schofield also referenced Harry’s intentions back to his interview with Good Morning America in February, where he admitted to have considered applying for citizenship of wife Meghan Markle’s home country.

" was how defiantly he replied to that statement, he told Good Morning America in February that he considered becoming a US citizen but it wasn't a top priority,” she explained, according to the Daily Express.

"So while it is a change of address on the documentation, the reality is [that] he still wants to title and wants to be considered the Duke of Sussex, the 'Prince of America' is the reality of it all."

As for the significance of the date on the documents, the royal expert noted: "Well I do agree with other commentators that the date is significant.

“This is, you know, another Prince Harry hissy-fit because if Prince Harry wanted to be a citizen of the United States, he could certainly go through the proper channels but I don't think he wants to,” she affirmed.