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Chloe Sims addresses future of House Of Sims amidst estrangement from sisters

Chloe Sims admits feeling isolated and hurt amid feud with sisters

By Web Desk
April 19, 2024
Chloe Sims opens up about months-long silence with sisters.
Chloe Sims opens up about months-long silence with sisters.

Chloe Sims, former TOWIE star and executive producer of the Netflix reality show House Of Sims, has addressed the future of the series amidst a significant family feud. 

The reality star, currently residing in the UK, revealed that she has not seen her sisters Frankie and Demi for six months following a heated altercation on the show.

During their venture to LA for the reality series, a major brawl ensued, leading to the removal of all traces of each other from their Instagram profiles. 

Despite the ongoing rift, Chloe remains committed to the success of the show as an executive producer.

In an interview with The Sun, Chloe expressed her determination to move forward with the series, stating, "We're just about to go into preproduction for series three, when I go back." 

This statement suggests that despite the strained relationship between the siblings, efforts are being made to continue production on the show.

Chloe Sims, speaking to the publication, affirmed that despite their strained relationship, her sisters Demi and Frankie will indeed return to filming for the series. 

However, she clarified that they are not currently friends, stating, "We’re not actually at the moment, but we're all a part of House of Sims, so they’ll be on it. But what will go down, I don't know."

The reality TV mogul, who recently expressed feeling deeply hurt by her family's fallout, shared insights into the impact of relocating from Brentwood in Essex to Los Angeles after their reality series was signed to the OnlyFans channel OFTV. 

Chloe revealed that the pressure of setting up a new life overseas has strained her relationship with her close family members, leading to a significant fallout.

She disclosed, "The show was an incredible opportunity but, in a way, it has come with some downfalls. It has caused a big rift with my sisters. 

We are not on talking terms today. We haven't spoken since they left LA and that would have been in October/November time. 

I have not seen or spoken to them since so filming series three will be awkward."