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Tommy Fury Steps out in £180,000 Mercedes G Wagon amid car crash

Molly-Mae Hague reveals terrifying car crash with Tommy Fury

By Web Desk
April 19, 2024
Molly-Mae Hague shares details of recent car accident.
Molly-Mae Hague shares details of recent car accident.

Tommy Fury was spotted heading out in his £180,000 Mercedes G Wagon for a haircut, just two weeks after his fiancée Molly-Mae Hague disclosed that the couple had been involved in a car crash. 

Sporting a coral t-shirt adorned with his own brand, Tommy had a serious expression as he exited the vehicle, which had been in the crash just over two weeks earlier.

Molly-Mae took to Youtube to share details about the incident, revealing that she and Tommy were on their way to a romantic date night near their Cheshire home in March when they experienced their "first accident" in his luxurious car.

Former Love Island star detailed the car crash incident involving herself and fiancé, explaining how they collided with another vehicle after an elderly lady drove straight into Tommy's car on a country lane. 

Molly recounted the shock they experienced following the crash but assured viewers that both she and Tommy were unharmed.

In her latest video, filmed while driving, Molly recounted the event, emphasizing that their 14-month-old daughter Bambi was not present in the vehicle at the time.

Describing the incident, she explained that as they were leaving for a date night, the elderly lady attempted to pull out of a church car park, resulting in a collision when there wasn't enough room on the road for both vehicles. 

Despite the initial impact, the star revealed that the lady reversed her car and then collided with them again, causing a second impact. 

Fortunately, Molly and Tommy emerged from the ordeal without injuries.