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Gemma Atkinson in dark as Gorka Márquez embarks on work stint

Gemma Atkinson accidentally confirms Gorka's eeturn to BBC dance show

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April 19, 2024
Gemma Atkinson left wondering about fiancés whereabouts.
Gemma Atkinson left wondering about fiancé's whereabouts. 

Gemma Atkinson opened up about the challenges of her long-distance relationship with fiancé Gorka Márquez who is currently away from home for a five-week work commitment. 

Returning to her radio show after a maternity leave, the mother-of-two discussed the difficulties of managing their schedules while caring for their children, Mia, four, and Thiago, 10 months. 

With Gorka's frequent work commitments, she admitted to having little insight into his whereabouts during his time away.

During a recent appearance on Hits Radio alongside co-host Mike Toolan, she disclosed details about her family life, shedding light on her husband Gorka's absence due to work commitments. 

She remarked, "He’s away for five weeks now who knows where, he’s all over the shop." 

Despite the challenges, Gemma emphasized the importance of familial support, expressing gratitude for the proximity of her mother and sister, who help out with the children.

In a candid revelation, she admitted finding it "easier" to establish a routine with the children when he is away, suggesting that his presence sometimes disrupts it. 

She elaborated, "It’s all me and Gorka have known, so sometimes it is easier for me to get into the routine with the children whilst he’s not here and then he comes back and ruins the routine." 

Nonetheless, she fondly acknowledged her presence at home, stating, "But he’s nice to have around the house."