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Prince William prepares powerful plan ahead of Harry's UK return

Prince William has big surprise for Prince Harry

By Web Desk
April 17, 2024
Prince William makes powerful plan ahead of Harrys UK return
Prince William makes powerful plan ahead of Harry's UK return

Prince William and Prince Harry - who have been at loggerheads for years, could reunite soon as the Duke is returning to the UK in May with hope to make amends with his royal relatives amid their health woes.

The Prince of Wales, who's still hurt with his younger brother Harry's comments about him and his wife Kate Middleton, has reportedly decided to put his ego aside to fulfill his late mother Princess Diana's wish.

William and Harry, who grew up together and supported each other even after their mother's tragic and untimely demise in Paris car crash in 1997, are now barely on speaking terms.

Princess Diana, before her sudden death, bestowed upon her two sons a singular charge: "You must promise me that you will always be each other's best friends." 

That vow has seemingly failed to withstand the tumultuous tests of time as William and Harry, who bonded for life by blood, could not respect the words of their mother.

Now, an insider has claimed: "Prince William has made his mind to forgive Harry to fulfil her late mother's wish."

They revealed: "Future King William won't hastate to hug Harry if he returns to him."

 "Harry and William's father also wants the two feuding brothers to end their rift," revealed the insider.

Former royal butler Harrold has also claimed: "It is very likely that Harry and William will see each other next month and anything is possible. The King will want the brothers to patch things up so it's more than likely that he could play peacemaker."

Meanwhile, author of Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult Robert Lacey does not see quick resolution of the conflict as the expert has claimed: "It’s a matter of love versus duty, with William standing for duty and the concept of the monarchy as he sees it.

 "And then from Harry’s point of view, love, loyalty to his wife. He is standing by her. These are very deeply rooted differences, so it would be facile to think that there can just be a click of the fingers."