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Princess Kate 'grows closer' to Sarah Hanbury amid cancer battle

Kate Middleton is said to be relying on Prince William's alleged mistress to get through crisis

By Web Desk
April 17, 2024
Princess Kate grows closer to Sarah Hanbury amid cancer battle
Princess Kate 'grows closer' to Sarah Hanbury amid cancer battle

Kate Middleton is understood to be borrowing help from a slew of trusted friends, including Sarah Hanbury as she continues her recovery from a health crisis.

The Princess of Wales took a step back from the spotlight after undergoing a major abdominal surgery at the beginning of this year.

She then announced her diagnosis with an undisclosed form of cancer only weeks before her official return to public duties last month, in a bid for more time off.

According to OK! magazine, the mom of three has an inner circle ready to lend practical and emotional support for when she is in Norfolk with her family.

These include the likes of Emilia Jardine-Patersosn, Sophie Snuggs, Lady Laura Meade and the Marchioness of Cholomondeley.

“Kate feels more at home in Norfolk,” the insider explained. “She’s got several close friends there. The Van Cutsems live nearby and so do Tom and Polly Coke [Cook]. Laura Meade is a close source of comfort for the princess and so are the Carter girls.”

“Those friends are the ones she can discuss anything with while she can be rather closed off to others,” they added.

For the unversed, the princess’ close relationship with Sarah is of particular interest due to speculations about the latter’s alleged affair with Prince William.