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Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds going to do 'amazing things' in future, says Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox appreciates both Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds for their positive impact on society

By Web Desk
April 17, 2024
Michael J. Fox speaks highly of Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds: More inside
Michael J. Fox speaks highly of Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds: More inside

Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds have recently been appreciated by Michael J. Fox for their positive contribution to the society.

In a new interview with PEOPLE for the magazine's 50th anniversary issue, the Back to the Future actor said, "I think Ryan Reynolds could be a really important person. He's so smart, he's so talented. He knows how to leverage things and make them succeed in other areas."

Describing Ryan as "a very philanthropic person," Michael remarked, "I think he's positioned to really do amazing things."

Next, the Stuart Little actor spoke about Taylor, stating, "I think she's going to be a really important person."

Gushing over the singer, Michael told the outlet, "I think she moves economies, she changes the way the world works, and that's amazing."

The actor revealed initially he "didn't have an opinion about Taylor Swift when I first heard of songstress. Now I have a wife and four kids who worship her".

Elaborating on how Hollywood notables made such an impact, Michael reflected, "What is it about Ryan Reynolds that everything he touches is gold? What is it about people in my position that get involved in causes and have success and progress?"

"You just show up and do it. And you don't worry about what everybody thinks, what everybody says, or what you get out of that," he explained.

Michael pointed out, "I just wanted to put us in the best position to find a cure, and hopefully, I did."

"And as far as other people, I think those are two good people," he added.

Meanwhile, Michael quipped, "Ryan is going to be real upset about the title."

"God forbid I should put more weight on him, but I think he's positioned to really do amazing things," he concluded.