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Royal family shares new post after Prince William's announcement

Buckingham Palace delights fans with latest post

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April 16, 2024
Buckingham Palace shares new photos of Queen Camilla
Buckingham Palace shares new photos of Queen Camilla

Buckingham Palace has shared new photos as Queen Camilla returned to royal duties after enjoying holidays with King Charles in Scotland.

The latest post comes hours after Prince William announced his future plans regarding his royal duties.

Camilla, 76, hosted four young people working with domestic abuse charity SafeLives on Tuesday.

The royal family's social media accounts shared the brand new photos of the Queen as she threw her weight behind a nationwide school pop-up scheme to help young people being involved in toxic relationships.

The photos were captioned: "The Queen has joined a discussion with Changemakers, young pioneers of the charity, at Buckingham Palace."

The statement continued: "SafeLives recognises children and young people as victims in their own right - with those aged 13-17 experiencing some of the highest rates of domestic abuse.

"The young group assist in guiding the charity’s response to issues facing young people, with a particular focus on exploring and promoting healthy relationships.

"One of the key priorities for the Changemakers over the next year is to ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard and accounted for in the design, development and delivery of domestic abuse responses."

Camilla looked stunning as she rocked animal printed outfit for her first engagement since Easter. 

 Camilla, who was joined by CEO Ellen Miller for the discussion, said: “You’re virtually the same age as my granddaughters and I was talking to one the other day and I was suggesting - to take sort of pop up shops into these schools.

"You know, say two or three Changemakers, it would be such a good idea because then they could all come and ask questions."

On the other hand, the Prince of Wales has also announce to return to the royal duties this weeks, taking break from her cancer-stricken wife Kate Middleton's service as she's showing positive signs after chemotherapy.