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Is Holly Willoughby ‘regretting’ over career shift?

Holly Willoughby left ITV’s ‘This Morning’ as a host past October

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Is Holly Willoughby ‘regretting’ over career shift?
Is Holly Willoughby ‘regretting’ over career shift?

Holly Willoughby, who left ITV’s The Morning show last October, is said to be regretting to take new hosting job in Netflix show.

The mother-of-three, at the time of leaving her 14-year job, said that she is giving up on her spot in order to protect her family.

However, since the host has left the show, it has been speculated that she might will join Dancing On Ice in January after stepping away from the limelight just three months earlier.

Following a turbulent 2023, Holly is back in the saddle and preparing for a career shift as co-presenter of the brand-new Netflix series Bear Hunt, which she will co-host with survival expert Bear Grylls.

Next month, the show will begin filming in Central America, and it has been stated that Holly is having second thoughts since she is afraid of leaving her family.

The Netflix series, which is expected to launch Holly into a global sensation, will resemble an episode of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here where celebs compete against survival expert Bear.

Holly is reportedly frightened of leaving her family behind to begin filming on the other side of the world, even though she is delighted to start a new kind of TV career.

A source told Heat: "Of course Holly is thrilled about the new show but it's also been a bit heartbreaking because she's realised it's not really feasible to take the kids out of school and bring them with her. She's going to FaceTime them as much as possible, but she also knows that Netflix expect a lot, so she can't be disappearing to take long family calls whenever she feels like it. She's quite upset thinking about it."

Following a source's statement to The Sun after quitting This Morning, Holly has received "many offers" from UK networks, but the Netflix agreement was a "no brainer". It is reported that Holly is "on to a winner" with the show and that she is prepared "to go into the next league."