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Salma Hayek wants moment of ‘peace’ for ‘pictures’

Salma Hayek shows desperation for good pictures in her recent Instagram picture

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Salma Hayek wants moment of ‘peace’ for ‘pictures’
Salma Hayek wants moment of ‘peace’ for ‘pictures’

Salma Hayek shows frustration of not getting perfect bikini pictures.

The actress on April 15 fills in her Insta fam with photobombed pictures by her family which she by all means, in those pictures, trying hard to pose.

Her family didn’t spare a moment to ruin her pictures by spraying water from the hose as she climbs up the stairs in risqué bikini.

"When your family won’t let you take a bikini ріс in peace," she quipped in the caption alongside a Spanish translation of the post.

Earlier, the Eternal actress shared jaw-droppingly gorgeous bikini photo that was captured by her daughter, Valentina, 16.

"It always helps to have a photographer in the family," Hayek wrote in the caption, crediting the teen by writing, " Valentina Pinault."

In February, the star also gave a sneak peak of her makeup and hair care routine on social media via reel.

“We don’t gatekeep hair tips here,” Hayek mentioned on Instagram with a video of her DIY hack for concealing gray hair.

“Look at all this white hair,” Hayek starts the clip as she runs her fingers through her hair to show her grays. "What is the secret? How can you cover it sometimes without having to dye it?"

Hayek then shares her at-home hack. “So, when I am on my own, I just put mascara! Just go like this,” she says as she validates swiping the wand through her hairline, "and all the little rebellious ones that stick up, they not only go black but they stay flat."