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Kristin Cavallari bids against sunscreen, gets shut down by experts

Kristin Cavallari shares unconventional ‘sunscreen’ opinion on podcast

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Kristin Cavallaris anti-sunscreen views putdown by experts
Kristin Cavallari's anti-sunscreen views putdown by experts 

Kristin Cavallari seems to think humans are better off sunscreen.

The Laguna Beach star first spoke against the need for sunscreen use in January.

"I don't wear sunscreen," Kristin admitted on the Jan. 16 episode of her Let's Be Real podcast with guest Dr. Ryan Monahan,a holistic doctor, "and anytime I do an interview, I get a lot of s--t when I admit that I don't."

Ryan responded to Kristin's confession with his own opinion on the matter.

"It's a very controversial topic, which is so funny, 'cause it's the sun," he explained. "We've literally spent our whole existence as humans under the sun until the last, like, 100 years. And now [we] spend 93 percent of our lives indoors. The sun is life-giving and nourishing."

The physician then advised to "work up your base coat in the sun, [so] you can start to tolerate the sun instead of burning."

When the Uncommon James founder inquired on the possibility of using coconut oil as sunscreen, Ryan answered, "I suppose you can."

Even though he said he doesn't do the same, he recommended consuming it orally because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Kristin and Ryan’s facts doesn’t seem to quite sit right with the American Cancer Society and board-certified dermatologist Andrea Suarez.

"Cancer of the skin is by far the most common of all cancers in the United States," the organization stated on its site. "Consider sunscreen as one part of your skin cancer protection plan."

"What these wellness gurus will not tell is you is that our ancestors didn't get skin cancers because they were somehow immune to DNA damage from ultraviolet radiation," said Suarez, "but rather, they died before the average age of onset of skin cancer."

She also dumped the fact that coconut oil can replace sunscreen.

"This doesn't protect your skin from UV Rays," she shared.

"This doesn't protect the cells of your skin against DNA damage. You want to be careful when it comes to taking antioxidant dietary supplements, there's not much research...for skin or skin cancer protective effect."