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Will Smith joins J Balvin onstage for surprise 'Men in Black' cameo: Watch

Will Smith made a surprise appearance while performing the title track of the 1997 film alongside J Balvin

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
Will Smith makes a surprise appearance onstage, performing the ttle track of Men in Black

Will Smith joined J Balvin onstage, making a surprise appearance while performing the title track of the 1997 film Men in Black.

The actor who is known for his role as Agent J, sported his full Men in Black suit, pairing with his iconic sunglasses.

The actor's appearance was brief yet impactful, concluding the show with Smith pulling out a Neuralyzer, the famous memory-eraser gadget from the same film.

On the count of three, the black-suit dancers dragged Balvin off the stage, bringing an end to his performance.

The singer, later returned for another performance, rocking energetically through his hit track In Da Ghetto. 

He was joined by his set of dancers, clad in alien costumes with big black eyes.

Balvin, who is known for his thematic concerts, presented the interstellar theme throughout the performance. 

The show opened with a mock-1950s’ newsreel following an alien invasion.

The singer then appeared from beneath the stage under a UFO as an alien with his troupe of dancers joining him shortly after.

Speaking to the audience in Spanish, the Mi Gente hitmaker opened with the same 2018 global smash, followed by many others.