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Is Elle Goulding's new song about broken marriage with her ex-husband?

Ellie Goulding finalised her separation from Caspar Jopling in February

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April 13, 2024
Is Elle Gouldings new song about broken marriage with her ex-husband?
Is Elle Goulding's new song about broken marriage with her ex-husband?

Ellie Goulding, who unveiled a new song after her breakup with Caspar Jopling, has written about her marriage to him for her upcoming album.

The separation of Ellie, 37, and Caspar, 32, was declared in February. At the time, the ex-couple verified the information in different social media posts that they distributed to their individual Instagram followers.

It is now said that the singer-songwriter has been "pouring her heartache" into a new record. Ellie performed a new piece of music on Thursday at London's Royal Albert Hall, backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ellie made her stage debut at the event earlier this week, and according to The Sun, on the song Easy to Love Me, she "opens up about the split". Video from the performance of the unreleased song has subsequently been circulated on social media, and Caspar is rumoured to have been present.

She's heard singing on stage: "Every mistake that I made was the last one, yet you still fight for us. I know it's not easy to love me but I'm yours' if you want me. I know it's not easy to love me but I'm yours' so completely. I tried to soak up all the water you had to wade through just to reach me."

Based on a video from the performance, the Brit Award winner then makes an appearance to sing the song: "Maybe I'm too much for you. All the questions that hurt my head. Finally found something true I might lose, but you know I'll be there."

The artist proposed, per the site, that she co-wrote the song with Jack Rochon, who is recognised for his contributions to Beyoncé's most recent album, Cowboy Carter.

Ellie reportedly said: "It's what I do - I write from the heart and I write what I'm feeling and think about the consequences afterwards."

It is further stated that she acknowledged during the performance that the song was composed for her sixth studio album.

Ellie is quoted as having shared: "I'm writing a new album [that I hope will be out this year]. I've been working pretty hard and it’s sounding good."

Just a few weeks ago, Ellie and her spouse Caspar made their split public on social media. Rumours had it that the couple, who together have a two-year-old son named Arthur, had broken up before the announcement in February.