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Sabrina Carpenter looks back at 'true first heartbreak': 'Really personal'

The actress is currently swirling romance rumours with Barry Keoghan

By Web Desk
April 13, 2024
Sabrina Carpenter looks back at true first heartbreak: Really personal
Sabrina Carpenter looks back at 'true first heartbreak': 'Really personal'

Sabrina Carpenter in the midst of her romance with Barry Keoghan, opened her about her first heartbreak.

"I was heartbroken two years ago," the 24-year-old singer said to Zane Lowe on a recent broadcast of Apple 1's New Music Daily, possibly alluding to her relationship with Joshua Bassett. I was in a completely different state of mind.

“For me, that was truly my first heartbreak. And so I think when you’re going through something like that, you question everything about yourself and you take it really personally,” Sabrina said.

The Feathers hitmaker went on to say that following the breakup, she began to doubt everything about herself to the point that it became difficult for her to "move throughout a room without questioning if people’s opinions are more important than your own."

Sabrina is currently seeing the Saltburn actor, nevertheless, for the time being.

“They really took things slow at first, but the relationship is going strong. They are both very casual people and enjoy being low-key in their downtime,” an insider told US Weekly last month.

The 31-year-old actor was spotted wearing a friendship bracelet with Sabrina's name spelt out with pink heart-shaped beads at both ends. He wore it to the W Magazine and Louis Vuitton’s Academy Awards Dinner in Los Angeles.