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Ryan Gosling first refused to sing at the Oscars for Ken performance?

Ryan Gosling talked about first refusing to perform his famous ‘Barbie’ song at Oscars

By Web Desk
April 13, 2024
Ryan Gosling on saying yes to Ken performance at Oscars
Ryan Gosling on saying yes to Ken performance at Oscars

Ryan Gosling wasn’t always so confident about his Ken performance at the Oscars, as he first told his producers a “100% no.”

“There’s a lot of ways that could go wrong,” Gosling told Jimmy Fallon during Thursday’s Tonight Show.

Gosling was mainly afraid of bad reviews from the fans, but happily, that didn’t happen.

“Imagine the reviews I would have had if I’d have The Roots,” Gosling quipped about Fallon’s in-house band.

But still there was a little soft criticism. “Dad’s Kenning again,” he said of his daughter’s reaction.

“I mean, it was their interest in Barbie and their disinterest in Ken that sort of started all of this.”

Gosling has said before that his girls haven't seen the movie and probably won't.

Recently, In the latest Saturday Night Live promo, Ryan Gosling didn't dress up to impress Chris Stapleton, unlike Sarah Sherman.

The NBC comedy show shared a teaser for the upcoming episode on YouTube, starring Barbie star Ken, who will be the host for the April 13 show, along with the musical guest.