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Kanye West drops price tag on Malibu Mansion slashing $14m bid

Kanye West faces lawsuit over Malibu Mansion remodeling project

By Web Desk
April 12, 2024

Kanye West has adjusted the asking price of his gutted Malibu mansion, reducing it from $53 million to $39 million, as reported by TMZ on Thursday. 

The decision comes less than four months after the property's initial listing in the upscale oceanfront community. 

Partnering with Selling Sunset realtor Jason Oppenheim, he aimed to attract buyers to the distressed property, which has faced challenges amid controversies stemming from remarks made since late 2022.

He expressed optimism about the sale, describing the residence as a "blank canvas" for potential buyers. 

Spanning over 4,000 square feet, the home boasts four bedrooms and five bathrooms, offering scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. 

However, it currently lacks essential features such as windows, walls, a roof, and electricity, according to TMZ reports.

West's ambitious renovation plans for his mansion have stirred controversy, resulting in a lawsuit filed by former project manager Tony Saxon. 

Saxon alleges that he was dismissed from the project after voicing concerns about safety hazards associated with West's vision, which reportedly included transforming the residence into a "bomb shelter from the 1910s."

The lawsuit, lodged in Los Angeles County Superior Court, outlines Saxon's extensive involvement in the project since September 2021, where he worked tirelessly in multiple roles, including project manager, caretaker, and security personnel.