Wednesday May 29, 2024

Brooke Shields has an awkward run-in with her ex in ‘Mother of the Bride’ trailer

'Mother of the Bride' is set to premiere on Netflix on May 9

By Web Desk
April 05, 2024
Brooke Shield tuned in the 'Mother of the Bride' as Lana

Netflix has released the trailer for Mother of the Bride, and Brooke Shields finds herself facing an unexpected guest at her daughter’s surprise wedding.

The 58-year-old actress plays Lana, the mother of the bride Emma, portrayed by iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove.

Joining Shields and Cosgrove in the cast are Benjamin Bratt, Sean Teale, Rachael Harris, Chad Michael Murray, Wilson Cruz, Tasneem Roc, Dalip Sondhi, and Michael McDonald.

Set to premiere on May 9 on the streaming platform, Mother of the Bride follows Lana's story when her daughter returns from abroad with a bombshell: Emma’s getting married next month.

However, Lana's world is turned upside down when she discovers that her daughter is marrying the son of the person who broke her heart years ago.

Amidst the chaos of the wedding preparations, Lana tries to remain calm whenever she encounters her ex. 

But how long will she be able to keep her composure? Will their lost love be rekindled? Will Lana confront her ex about their past, or will she just reside with the situation?

Treat your curiosity with Mother of the Bride that has been crafted with the directorial guidance by Mark Waters, also credited for Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.