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Prince William, Princess Kate 'torn' over Prince George's 'daunting' fate

William, Kate forced to expose Prince George to responsibilities of future King

By Web Desk
April 04, 2024
William, Kate forced to expose Prince George to daunting duties of future King
William, Kate forced to expose Prince George to 'daunting' duties of future King

Prince William and Princess Kate are still grappling with the idea of Prince George having to assume royal duties sooner than expected.

The 10-year-old school-goer is second in line to the throne after his father William and grandfather King Charles.

Speaking to Life & Style, a source revealed the Prince and Princess of Wales have started preparing their oldest child to “comprehend the situation better” so he is ready by the time arrives.

They also confirmed the couple sat George down to talk about succession and “what is and will be expected of him. It’s a daunting prospect, but George is a smart boy. He understands that one day he will be king.”

Rest assured, “William is torn,” claimed the source. “He’s beginning to prepare George, but he still wants his son to have as carefree a childhood as he can — like his mother, [the late Princess] Diana, allowed him to do.”

Meanwhile, “Kate’s always wanted them to have more of a normal upbringing than William did and didn’t necessarily want them to follow every royal tradition.”

However, the insider shared, “In a few short years, George’s life is going to drastically change,” owing to current health crisis in the royal family.

“George is really just a regular kid … who just so happens to be second in line to the throne,” they added.