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Who won ‘Physical 100: Season 2 - Underground?'

The final episode of the 'Physical: 100 Season 2 - Underground' featured four finalists

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April 04, 2024
The finalists exchanges banter before the onset of fierce competition among them

In the thrilling finale of Physical: 100 Season 2 — Underground, Amotti emerged victorious after a fierce battle for the title against finalist Hong Beom-Seok.

The final episodes 8 and 9, available to stream on Netflix on April 2, showcased the culmination of the competition among three teams led by Dong Hyun, Lee Jae Yoon, and Hong Beom-Seok.

The climax featured the four finalists: Amotti, Hong Beom-Seo, Andre Jin, and Justin Harvey. The final quest to clinch the trophy consisted of three challenging rounds.

In the first round, participants had to endure while holding onto ropes with weights tied to their torsos until the very end. Unfortunately, Justin Harvey was the first to be eliminated as he struggled to maintain his grip.

Amotti has been crowned as Physical: 100 Season 2 Undergound winner
Amotti has been crowned as Physical: 100 Season 2 Undergound winner 

For the second round, the three finalists faced the challenge of infinite squats, with the weights gradually increasing. Despite their efforts, Andre Jin reached his limit and was the second finalist to meet his fateful end in the competition.

Amotti and Hong Beom-Seok then entered the third round, where they had to simultaneously hold onto each end of a massive pole and push against each other. The first contestant to knock over their opponent would be named the winner of Physical 100 season 2 Underground.

With his strategic techniques, Amotti managed to overpower his opponent and was crowned as the victor.