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Kelly Osbourne reveals dad Ozzy never got medical privacy amid Parkinsons diagnosis

Kelly Osbourne expresses her dismay over her father’s medical privacy on The Osbournes podcast

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April 04, 2024
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Kelly Osbourne has recently revealed her father Ozzy Osbourne didn’t get medical privacy amid Parkinsons diagnosis.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Osbournes podcast, Kelly said, “This brings up a wider point. Medical privacy, I think, is really really important and everyone deserves it.”

“And I don’t feel as though dad has ever been afforded his medical privacy throughout this whole time,” stated the 39-year-old.

Kelly added, “They wait for him to go into the doctor’s office and take pictures.”

Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne interjected and opened up about an incident when she took her husband to a doctor’s appointment and she screamed at a man following them.

“I lost my cool with the guy. And I never usually do with photographers but we were in an underground car park and he followed us in, watched us, the big cameras came out and I just said, ‘Leave him some dignity. And he didn’t and I just said, ‘Shame on you. What do you want? He’s going to see his doctor,’” recalled the 71-year-old.

Meanwhile, Ozzy shared he had been doing tai chi to cope with symptoms of the disease back in October.

“It's the balance that helps me. Well, I want to get back, you know, and all the options are open for me. I’ve only had two lessons so I’m not really a master yet. But I’m finally relaxing,” he added.