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Casey Benjamin, celebrated saxophonist for Beyoncé, dies at 45

Lupe Fiasco and Questlove pay homage to saxophonist Casey Benjamin

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April 02, 2024
Grammy-Winning saxophonist Casey Benjamin passes away.
Grammy-Winning saxophonist Casey Benjamin passes away.

Casey Benjamin has tragically passed away. 

Benjamin, a recipient of two Grammy awards, contributed his exceptional talent to performances alongside illustrious artists such as Beyoncé, John Legend, and Lady Gaga, as well as with the Robert Glasper Experiment band throughout his distinguished career. 

The news of Benjamin's demise was confirmed by his management to the Huffington Post on Monday, although the cause of his passing remains undisclosed.

Following the devastating announcement, fellow musicians took to social media to pay tribute to Benjamin. 

Derrick Hodge, bassist for The Robert Glasper Experiment, expressed his heartfelt condolences on Instagram, honoring Benjamin as a cherished friend and source of inspiration, vowing to uphold his legacy within the music community.

Numerous musicians have taken to social media to express their condolences and pay homage to his remarkable talent. 

Lupe Fiasco, sharing his sentiments on Instagram, bid farewell to Benjamin, acknowledging his profound gratitude and admiration. 

Questlove also paid tribute to Benjamin's exceptional abilities, reminiscing on his contributions to the music world, particularly within the realm of the Robert Glasper Experiment.