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King Charles teases Queen Camilla with joke: 'I would get a new one'

King Charles jokes about Camilla during his latest outing

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April 01, 2024
King Charles teases Queen Camilla with joke
King Charles teases Queen Camilla with joke

King Charles III, who's defeating cancer with the help of his medical team and wife Queen Camilla, reportedly cracked a joke during Easter Sunday walkabout in Windsor.

The 75-year-old made first official pubic appearance on Sunday since his cancer diagnosis as he attended the service at St George's Chapel with the Queen.

During his most significant public appearance, the monarch shook hands and spoke with those who had gathered at the castle, telling them: "You're very brave to stand out here in the cold."

As the King left one part of the crowd where he had been greeting well-wishers a woman holding a flat said: "Your Majesty, Camilla is 17 now, my King Charles's Spaniel." 

King Charles, who was in very good mood, reportedly turned to the woman in the crowd and joked: "I would get a new one as well." The Monarch seemingly teased his wife Camilla, who was accompanying him during a surprise walkabout, with his words.

The King delighted fans with his appearance as he put on a brave face to send a message to his loved ones that he's winning his battle with cancer.