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Jelly Roll reveals his backstage rituals before every concert

Jelly Roll’s first platinum hit was 'Save Me’ released in 2020, which was nominated for two Grammys

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March 31, 2024
Jelly Roll tied the knot with Bunnie XO in 2016
Jelly Roll tied the knot with Bunnie XO in 2016

Jelly Roll has his pre-show rituals down.

Speaking to US Weekly, the country star revealed how he gets in the zone for his concerts.

“We listen to music, hang out before the show the night before taking the stag,” he told the outlet.

He continued, “we gather before we take the stage in a circle with the band and the entire team and say a prayer and get hyped to go out there and perform.”

Last but not the least of his pre-show rituals, he added, “And a kiss from the wife,” referring to his wife Bunnie XO to whom he has been married since 2016.

“I’ve been focusing more on my health recently – so we’ve added time before to take a min and a breath before the show too,” he concluded.

Born Jason Bradley DeFord, Jelly Roll also revealed his favourite-ever encounter with a fan: a 70-year-old “proud” veteran during one of his Las Vegas concerts in 2023.

“Seeing that man and his wife enjoy the concert was one of the most surreal moments of tour – I was proud to have him as a fan. I asked security to bring him backstage and we talked for close to an hour – it really meant a lot to me,” the Grammy-nominee recalled.