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Kristen Wiig recalls how SNL skit bombed miserably: 'One for the books'

Kristen Wiig offered a rare insight into the unpredictable side of sketch comedy as she recounted an experience

By Web Desk
March 31, 2024
Kristen Wiig reflects on the unpredictable side of sketch comedy
Kristen Wiig reflects on the unpredictable side of sketch comedy

Kristen Wiig recently shared her version of a sketch that, despite high hopes, performed poorly on Saturday Night Live, offering a rare insight into the unpredictable side of comedy.

Conversing to Team Coco, Wiig recounted an instance when she had co-written a sketch with Jillian Bell that had garnered appreciation from everyone in the writers’ room, leaving them on the edge of their seats.

While it did great behind the curtains, when it came time to perform live, the response was bland and everyone in the room was chillingly silent.

Wiig referred to it as a "moment of realization," recognising the uncertainties that are associated with live performances.

Recounting her experience, the Bridesmaid star shared: "I remember Charles Barkley was hosting and I wrote a sketch with Jillian Bell. And it was, for the writers’ room, it got the best reaction I’ve ever had in the history of the time that I was there."

"I mean like, people were clapping. And when I tell you, when we went to dress. And you know like, when the first joke comes out, and like that’s the sketch, so if they’re not going to laugh at that you’ve got about, it feels like 18 minutes of silence, 

"It was so silent. And I was just looking at other people in the sketch like Andy, and Bill, they’re like looking at me laughing like ‘this is going so terribly.’ It was just absolutely silent.

"I couldn’t even predict that that was going to happen. But like it’s good also, so then it kind of like keeps you on your toes, you don’t expect certain things, but the way that it bombed was just for the books."

Being a vital part of the SNL show, Wiig is known for her knack for creating endearing characters and showcasing her versatile comedic talent.

For the unversed, Wiig joined SNL back in 2005 and has been an active member since.