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Jeon Somi launches brand new business venture in collab with Allure Korea

Jeon Somi announced the launch of her makeup brand

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March 30, 2024
Jeon Somi launches own makeup brand
Jeon Somi launches own makeup brand

Jeon Somi recently announced the launch of her makeup brand, GLYF in collaboration with Allure Korea.

The Dumb Dumb singer has been working around the clock for her brand since 2023.

Talking about the process of her products, Somi revealed that she took inspiration from ancient hieroglyphs, written in different shapes and meanings.

The singer expressed her interest in establishing a brand that goes with her vision.

In the video posted by the outlet, she shared: "GLYF was created with inspiration from ancient hieroglyphs, glyphs. Like ancient hieroglyphs with different shapes and meanings, I interpret my cosmetics in my own way and express the beauty that each person has."

Jeon Somi explained that GLYF promotes freedom of choice and expression among potential customers.

She admitted to have added modern flairs to the ancient thought-process, making the name more impressive.

The news broke out like wildfire, making headlines shortly after the brand was announced. Fans left heartfelt comments under the celebrity’s post, rooting for her.

One fan commented: “I need”

Another user chimed in: “She’s capable, I trust her.”

While, a third added: “That's fantastic! JEON SOMI's new makeup brand, 'GLYF', sounds amazing.”

A fourth gushed: “Congrats, i will for my girl friend!!!!”

While many expressed their excitement following the announcement, others appeared to be dissatisfied after the Starbucks controversy, adding comments like: “Won’t be buying.”

Another user noted: “I fear collab with Starbucks is next.”