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Laura Dern teases career choice for Taylor Swift other than singing

Laura Dern was featured in Taylor Swift's 2022 music for 'Bejeweled'

By Web Desk
March 30, 2024
Laura Dern teases career choice for Taylor Swift other than singing

Can Taylor Swift pursue any career other than music? That would be direction said Laura Dern while singing praises for the singer's skills.

Laura Dern was asked that same topic on the most recent episode of TheWrap's UnWrapped podcast, and since she had previously collaborated with her on the Bejewelled music video, she felt compelled to respond.

“She is a real deal," said Dern, 57, of Swift, 34, who directed the 2022 project.

"On top of everything else amazing that she does and is a real deal filmmaker, which I got to experience firsthand," Dern continued. "I’m excited to watch that part of her journey wherever she continues to take it amongst everything."

With a nod to the classic Cinderella tale, Dern played Swift's evil stepmother in the music video. Swift's stepsisters were performed by Haim, the group that had supported her on the Eras tour.

Dern mentioned that she would be willing to work with Swift on an unrelated project.

“Listen, wherever she wants to go, I’ll show up. I love her," the Jurassic World: Dominion star told UnWrapped.

Dern repeated similar remarks following the release of the well-liked music video when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in January 2023, saying that working with Swift was an "incredible time."

"I was amazed by what a great filmmaker she is, how prepared she was, how improvisational and fun it was. I had the time of my life. So, it was amazing," said Dern.