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Princesses Eugenie, Beatrice feel 'ignored' by King Charles amid Kate's cancer

Daughters of Prince Andrew have mixed feelings about their position in royal family

By Web Desk
March 29, 2024
Princesses Eugenie, Beatrice feel ignored by King Charles amid Kates cancer
Princesses Eugenie, Beatrice feel 'ignored' by King Charles amid Kate's cancer

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are reportedly “upset” over not being asked to step in for Kate Middleton in the wake of current royal health crisis.

The royal family has been grappling with lack of working royals since the beginning of the year when the Princess of Wales underwent a major abdominal surgery, prompting her and Prince William to take a break from duties.

It was followed by King Charles getting corrective treatment for enlarged prostrate and eventual diagnosis with an undisclosed form of cancer.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, a pal of the princesses admitted: “It seems mean that the girls aren’t being used at all, when they have made it clear they want to be of service, especially when Prince Andrew has been accepted back into the fold.”

“They have done nothing wrong, and they shouldn’t be visited with the sins of their father,” they said of Prince Andrew, who has been shunned by the British royal family for his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

“They are very upset to have been ignored by the king as they feel they have a lot to offer, but, ultimately not surprised. They are sanguine about it.”

Another source doubled down on the King’s reluctance to confer the York girls with a title of full time working royals, despite being “very fond” of them.

“And as the late Queen Elizabeth made clear, being a part-time working royal isn’t an option.”