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Rihanna reveals why she braided son’s hair

Rihanna talks about the importance of braids, ‘makes us realise where we've come from’

By Web Desk
March 28, 2024
Rihanna explains why braids are important for her  

Rihanna got candid on the importance of braided hair to her, her culture and her “ancestors,” as she revealed how she couldn’t resist getting her son’s hair braided.

The singer told VOGUE China that braids ran in her “blood” and are traditionally considered a “form of protection”

Rihanna, 36, shares sons RZA, one, and Riot, seven months, with A$AP Rocky, 35.

“I grew up in the Caribbean and it was all a local mom could do for her kids. Some people grow up in single-parent families, with moms working three jobs, and they don’t have time to kiss you every day when you go to school. This is a form of protection, our roots, and a tradition left by our ancestors,” she said.

She further explained and opened up about how Rocky made her realise things about the braids.

“It's historically significant and makes us realise where we've come from. This is our lost history,” she said.

“I really learned a lot being around him, but even with him, he wore his hair in pigtails. It's just a thing of the past. Like I immediately wanted my son to have his hair braided. Yes, I know, it’s something in our blood.'