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Sharon Stone hits out at Johnny Depp’s lucrative art collection: Here’s why

Sharon Stone also pursues her painting skills after failing to get acting offers in the industry

By Web Desk
March 21, 2024
Sharon Stone calls out Johnny Depp over his art collection
Sharon Stone calls out Johnny Depp over his art collection

Sharon Stone has recently slammed Johnny Depp for his art collection that made million in 2022.

In a new interview with The Guardian, the Basic Instinct actress, who pursued painting during lockdown, revealed she embraced the skills full-time after not getting roles in the movies.

Stone, who opened her exhibition in Berlin and now going to open in San Francisco in April, took swipe at Depp’s lucrative art collection.

“Johnny Depp is printing pictures of people, putting some paint over it and signing it, and making a fortune,” stated the Casino actress.

Stone was talking about Depp’s Friends & Heroes, an art collection featuring 780 prints of famous faces, which the actor sold for an estimated $3.65 million.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor included the faces of famous figures such as Heath Ledger and Hunter S Thompson last year.

In 2023, Depp also launched a self-portrait, which captured the “emotional exhaustion the actor felt” amid Depp-Amber Heard’s high-profile case.

Stone told the outlet that curators began making requests seemingly based on Depp’s success.

“I had galleries approach me and say, ‘Could you please make prints of your face?’ I think it’s my duty not to do that. It’s my job to open a window for other women and hold it open further,” she added.