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Prince William’s message about Kate: ‘When she is ready she will come back’

Prince William is determined to protect Kate Middleton amid media furor

By Web Desk
March 19, 2024
Prince William sends clear message to critics targeting Kates privacy
Prince William sends clear message to critics targeting Kate's privacy

Prince William is not succumbing to the public pressure to push his boundaries when it comes to wife Kate Middleton and their family.

The Prince of Wales has been under scrutiny for his deafening silence towards speculations around the princess’ whereabouts following abdominal surgery in January.

Veteran British crisis manager Mark Borkowski spoke to the Daily Beast about William and Kate’s strategy to tune out the noise in the wake of the current noises.

He also addressed the mom of three’s recent outing at the farmer’s market in Windsor, which was reported by onlookers without substantial evidence.

“I think that a lot of what you are seeing online in reaction to the story about her being out and about at the weekend is people who are disappointed to find out that she has not been abducted by aliens or chained up in a dungeon in Windsor Castle,” he told the outlet.

“She slipped out under the radar this weekend,” Mark affirmed, noting: “William’s message is: I am putting my family first; we said Kate was not available till after Easter, that’s still the case, and when she is ready she will come back.

“Admittedly, my instinct would have been to come out and do something spectacular to throw all the naysayers into a ditch, but William is doing it his way—trying to protect his family’s privacy—and whether that is right or wrong we will soon find out.”