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Prince Harry loses golden opportunity to Prince William

The Duke of Sussex reacted to King Charles's succession plan

By Web Desk
March 19, 2024
Prince Harry loses golden opportunity to Prince William

Prince Harry faced a fresh blow as he lost a golden opportunity to Prince William amid King Charles's early succession plans. 

As reported by The Mirror, the Monarch, 75, has been busy making big decisions about the future of the UK's Monarchy after being diagnosed with cancer. 

In conversation with the above-mentioned media outlet, royal expert, Tom Quinn claimed that Charles "is focused on getting William and [Princess] Kate up to speed," leaving Harry out of the equation. 

The royal commentator emphasised that the Prince of Wales will take over the new royal title as he "being out of the picture is the nightmare scenario that nobody wants to contemplate."

Speaking of the Duke of Sussex, Tom revealed that the former working royal "hates the fact that he is being left completely out of the succession planning..."

However, the royal expert believes that Harry only 'blames' himself' for this outcome.

Tom added, "His choices illustrate perfectly the old adage - beware you get what you wish for. Harry wanted his freedom and he has it, but there is a price to pay and he is paying it."

Notably, the royal commentator claimed it is possible that "Harry would be called upon to be regent in the unlikely event of both Charles and William being out of the picture."