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Prince William, Harry seemingly insult Princess Diana's words, wish

Prince Harry, Prince William seemingly forget their mother Princess Diana's words

By Web Desk
March 14, 2024

Prince William and Prince Harry - who bonded for life by blood, tradition and tragedy - have seemingly ruined all good between them even though they grew up together and supported each other after their mother Princess Diana's untimely demise.

In their battle, the two royal brothers have seemingly insulted their late mother's words and wish. Diana bestowed upon William and Harry a singular charge: "You must promise me that you will always be each other's best friends,' she had told her two sons before her sudden death in a car crash.

Unfortunately, that vow has seemingly failed to withstand the tumultuous tests of time as William and Harry are now barely on speaking terms. And their bitter feud does not seem to heal any time soon.

The unveiling of Princess Dina's statue at Kensington Palace, a silent testament to their mother's legacy, drew them together briefly in July 2021, but could not help to end their rift that caught public eye after Harry and Meghan's exit from the royal family in 2020.

Royal expert and historians do not expect a quick resolution of the conflict because the two men are fighting over core beliefs, says Robert Lacey, author of "Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult." 

The future King is defending the monarchy, and Harry, who's fifth in line to succession, is defending his wife.

"It’s a matter of love versus duty, with William standing for duty and the concept of the monarchy as he sees it, according to Lacey.

"And then from Harry’s point of view, love, loyalty to his wife. He is standing by her. These are very deeply rooted differences, so it would be facile to think that there can just be a click of the fingers."

The two feuding brothers are committed to honouring their mother’s legacy - albeit separately. They will make appearances at the 25th anniversary of the Diana Awards tonight, but they will not be seen at the event together.

William will give a speech in person to mark the charity's 25th anniversary and present awards to 20 recipients. Harry is expected to join a video call with the winners, according to reports, but only after his big brother has left.