Friday June 14, 2024

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s photographer hits back at editing claims

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's second pregnancy photo was claimed to be 'doctored' amid Kate Middleton editing row

By Web Desk
March 14, 2024

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also came in the line of fire of intense scrutiny after Kate Middleton’s photo editing row made headlines last week.

Misan Harriman, who took virtually conducted a pregnancy photoshoot of the Sussexes, clapped back at claims that he had ‘doctored’ the images from the shoot.

Harriman took to Instagram to share a lengthy statement in a video clip in which he called out The Telegraph and Daily Mail for the false claims.

In a resurfaced podcast interview, Harriman was asked if Harry and Meghan were in a meadow.

“Yeah they were lost in their love, at home, in their garden, comfortable, celebrating new joy,” the phoographer responded at the time.

He explained that he was asked a “leading question” in which a “statement is posed as a fact” by the journalist in hopes that the interviewee will add to it.

After playing the portion of the interview, Harriman lamented,” So, how that exchange could amount to me admitting to doctoring an image is insidious and really dangerous journalism.”

He added, “Any mention of meadows and willow trees came out of the person doing interview, not my mouth. I did my best ignore it and focus on what I wanted to talk about. So to see an article say about [that] as fact, that I did what I did not do, is extraordinary to me.”

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s photographer hits back at editing claims

He also added an original photo of the couple and demanded an apology from the outlets.

Harry and Meghan were dragged into the drama after Page Six quoted an insider stating that the couple would have been “annihilated” for making the same blunder Kate did with editing her photo.

Four top photo agencies had ‘killed’ the Mother’s Day photo by Kate which she later admitted had been edited by her as she was ‘experimenting.’