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Kate Middleton's photographer reacts to 'fake image' backlash

Kate Middleton's photographer breaks silence on Princess picture

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March 13, 2024
Kate Middleton photographer blasts editing claims
Kate Middleton photographer blasts 'editing' claims

The photographer, who captured Princess Kate's latest snap, has broken his silence after backlash, blasting claims that 'the photo is fake'.

The Prince and Princess of Wales's new picture was captured when they were leaving Windsor Castle on Monday after Kate's photo apology.

Jim Bennett, the photographer who took Kate's much-talked snap, has lashed out at any manipulation claims and said: "We don’t change our photos in Photoshop other than adjusting the light levels if necessary."

"The cars left Windsor Castle and I photographed them a short distance away on Datchet High Street — outside No. 39, to be precise! Car shots are unpredictable at the best of times and with some reflection on the glass, it can be difficult," he told the New York Post.

Kate Middletons photographer reacts to fake image backlash

In the viral photo, Kate is seen riding alongside William in a black car as the Prince of Wales was driven to the Commonwealth service in London hours after the future Queen cleared the air about her official photo with children.

The future Queen was pictured sitting in the back seat of the car and looking out of the window, whereas William was looking ahead.

It is not known exactly where Kate was heading but it is believed she was attending a "private appointment" which followed a similar route into central London, according to reports.

Bennett claimed he and another photographer were hired by a news outlet to get a shot of the Prince of Wales on his way to London.

He explained: "As it happened, it wasn’t until I checked on the back of the camera to make sure I had a frame of Prince William that I realized there was someone sitting next to him. It turned out to be Catherine!"

His account comes after allegations that Kate was edited into the photo and subsequently released to the media by the royal family.