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Nicki Minaj accused of 'stabbing' Lady Luck

Lady Luck revealed that she felt Nicki Minaj crossed a line

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March 05, 2024
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Lady Luck expressed disappointment over the feud between Hip-Hop stars, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion.

During a recent interview with AllHipGop’s Chuck Creekmur, the DefJam alum revealed that she felt Nicki crossed a line by bringing up Hot Girl Meg’s late mother in their public spat.

Commenting on the New York stars' audacity, Lady Luck admitted: "I'm [a] diehard Nicki [supporter]."

While she expressed love for Minaj, she regarded her statement as "rough" for someone who lost her mother.

For the unversed, Lady Luck's mother passed away less than a year ago, contributing to her distaste in the song's lyrics.

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"You already know that. I went to war for Nicki and all of that. I think that she’s super dope. That mom thing, that shit stabbed me in the chest. And even if she only said it once. Like, 'B*tch, you’re lying on your dead mama.' That’s a hard a*s line,' finding the Big Foot lyrics below the line,” she added.

She further highlighted that the artists should mainly focus on rapping rather than targeting others through inflammatory rhymes.

“What happened to battle rap?” she inquired.

She doubled down on her statement as rap becoming a problematic genre, adding: "I’m not talking about Nicki and Megan right now, but battle rap in general. What happened to y’all being nice? Better metaphors and all of that. It became the tea and who can tell the other one’s personal business more. And that’s not rap to me."

This comes after Nicki landed in hot water for mishandling the feud as she drew comparisons between Megan’s shooting to Chris Brown’s 2009 assault on former girlfriend Rihanna.

For the unversed, Nicki topped charts for her spectacular verses on Doja Cat’s Say So as well as 6ix9ine’s Trollz in 2019-20.

The rapper garnered appreciation for her solo hit 2023’s Super Freaky Girl.