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Megan Thee Stallion's ex-friend Kelsey Nicole opens up about rift with Tory Lanez

Kelsey Nicole accuses Tory Lanez of 'Betrayal' amid silence on shooting incident

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March 05, 2024
Kelsey Nicole questions the nature of friendship fallout: Why did it have to unfold like this?
Kelsey Nicole questions the nature of friendship fallout: 'Why did it have to unfold like this?'

In a recent podcast appearance on The Danza Project, Kelsey Nicole Harris, former friend of Megan Thee Stallion, broke her silence regarding the Tory Lanez shooting incident, accusing the renowned rapper of 'betrayal' and expressing confusion over the circumstances leading to their falling out. 

Harris disclosed her presence on the night of July 2020 when Megan was allegedly shot by 31-year-old singer who has since filed an appeal against his guilty verdict.

During the podcast released on Sunday, Harris revealed that she became aware of a perceived 'betrayal' by Megan on the night of the shooting. 

She stated, "It's crazy, yeah it is it is the night she found out about the alleged betrayal was when the shooting happened to my knowledge s***." 

Reflecting on the events, Harris expressed disbelief at the timing of the revelation, lamenting, "Other than that like s*** she was 100 to my knowledge so yeah it did end up coming out that night that she had been betraying me or whatever and of course it's like damn why it had to come out like this?"

Nicole reflected on the events of the fateful night when she last saw Megan and shed light on the confusion surrounding their falling out. 

Despite discovering what she perceived as a betrayal by Megan on the night of the shooting, Harris clarified that this incident was not the primary reason for their rift.

"The whole situation with her doing whatever behind my back, that is not why we fell out. It is so unclear to me why we fell out," she stated.

She emphasized her preference for open communication, stating that she believed close friends should be able to discuss issues and come to resolutions.