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Jessica Biel sets a list of restrictions for Justin Timberlake during upcoming world tour

Jessica Biel keeps a check on Justin Timberlake this time after the couple hit a rough patch, says source

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
Jessica Biel keeps Justin Timberlake on a tight leash this time: Source
Jessica Biel keeps Justin Timberlake on a tight leash this time: Source

Jessica Biel has reportedly warned her singer husband Justin Timberlake to display his best behaviour on his upcoming world tour.

A source spilled to the National Enquirer that Biel put a slew of restrictions before he goes on tour from April 29.

However, the source also revealed, “She's resigned herself to having to let go of the reins and trust him.”

“Justin's managed to crawl his way out of the doghouse — but he has a long list of rules to follow when he and Jessica are apart if he wants to hang on to her and their marriage,” shared an insider.

The source told the outlet, “Justin has got to check in with her every night before bed and she's got to be able to reach him whenever she wants — no excuses. Plus, he's agreed he won't go out after the shows partying and drinking.”

“If he does anything that humiliates her or breaks their trust, she's made it clear that will be the last straw!” added an insider.

Earlier, the couple’s relation landed into trouble after Justin was slammed by his former partner Britney Spears in her new memoir.

Meanwhile, the pop star was also accused of cheating his former girlfriend Cameron Diaz with a playboy model who was involved in a sexting scandal with Alex Rodriguez just weeks before he asked Jennifer Lopez to marry him.