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Royal family shares Duchess Sophie's emotional video message amid royal health crisis

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, holds back tears as she shares crucial video message

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March 04, 2024
Duchess Sophie gets emotional in new video message
Duchess Sophie gets emotional in new video message

Princess Sophie has received praise for her very crucial video message as she stepped up royal duties in absence of King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Edinburgh appears holding her tears back while releasing a very meaningful message.   

The royal family's social media accounts shared the Duchess of Edinburgh's amazing speech on Monday, receiving huge praise from royal fans to represent the King and Queen amid royal health crisis.

The video was captioned: "We must stand shoulder to shoulder with all survivors to secure justice and holistic redress.

"The Duchess of Edinburgh has addressed, via video message, the Restoration of the Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Survivors’ Rights Conference in Ukraine."

It comes as Queen Camilla is set for a holiday outside the UK after undertaking a plethora of royal engagements throughout February.

The First Lady of Ukraine, Mrs Olena Zelenska, reportedly invited Sophie to speak at the Restoration of the Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Survivors’ Rights Conference, Ukraine.

The Duchess Edinburgh said: "The scale of the challenge that conflict related sexual violence presents around the world, from Myanmar to Ethiopia, from Colombia to Sudan, the current crisis in the Middle East to Ukraine, both from past and present conflicts, is enormous."

Princess Sophie attracted massive praise from royal fans who flocked to social media to express their gratitude to the Duchess for her work, with one writing: "The Duchess of Edinburgh does fantastic work with the Preventing Sexual Violence in conflict UN initiative".

"I love Duchess Sophie. Well said, your highness," another wrote in reaction to her speech.

"Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you for all the effort and support to the survivors and for spreading awareness on this matter," said another.