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Ashley Tisdale reveals her toddler learned one expletive word: Here’s how

Ashley Tisdale’s startling reaction after her two-year-old daughter blurted out curse word

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
Ashley Tisdale reveals she was surprised when her toddler spoke an expletive word
Ashley Tisdale reveals she was surprised when her toddler spoke an expletive word

Ashley Tisdale has recently revealed her two-year-old daughter known one expletive word due to her nanny.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Ashley said she was startled to learn that her daughter, Jupiter Iris, whom she shares with husband Christopher French, shouted out a common curse word.

Probing further, the actress told the outlet that she received a satirical book Go the (expletive) to Sleep as a gift, which ended up in her daughter's storybook collection.

“My nanny read it to her [without knowing],” stated the 38-year-old.

Ashley continued, “And then I grabbed it one night until I realised what it was, so I just kept on reading, ‘Go to sleep’.”

However, the actress mentioned that her daughter corrected her, adding, “She goes, ‘No, mama, no. It's go the f--- to sleep.’ I was like, ‘What the heck?’”

The High School Musical alum disclosed that her nanny was informed by her toddler that it was “a book her dad read to her” so the nanny thought it was fine.

“She has not said it since, but we were dying laughing,” said the actress.

Meanwhile, Ashley also opened up about the last time she danced with her daughter in the kitchen.

“She loves dancing so we always have a little dance party. I’m pretty sure it was to Encanto,” remarked the actress.

Ashley talked about her obsession with scents, adding, “I just started using the new scents of Being Frenshe body wash. They are unreal.”

“There’s so many stressful moments in life, so it’s nice to be able to take a shower and have that scent help ground you,” she concluded.