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Jimmy Kimmel says celebrity eating is now after-party award show tradition

Jimmy Kimmel endorses In-N-Out Burger over McDonald's for celeb post-award show feasts

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
Jimmy Kimmel names celeb In-N-Out burger runs after award shows.
Jimmy Kimmel names celeb In-N-Out burger runs after award shows.

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the upcoming Oscars on March 10, asserts that there's a standout fast food destination when it comes to Academy Awards night: In-N-Out.

Kimmel explains that the tradition of dining at In-N-Out after the show has become popular among attendees. 

According to him part of the allure is the desire for those visiting Los Angeles to experience the iconic burger chain. 

In a recent statement to PEOPLE, he emphasizes the hunger-inducing nature of the event, affirming that the food chain has solidified its place as the go-to choice for post-award show meals. 

Although Kimmel acknowledges the presence of other fast food options, he firmly asserts that on award show night, "it's all about In-N-Out."

Notably, a recent Oscars promotional clip even featured a reference to the burger joint, with best supporting actor nominee Ryan Gosling excitedly announcing, "I got In-N-Out!"

Ryan sheds light on a social media trend revolving around the consumption of burger before the Oscars. 

However, Jimmy correcting Gosling, clarifies that the true trend is indulging in In-N-Out after winning the prestigious award. 

Gosling dismisses the possibility of winning by tossing his drink and bag of food, followed by a lighthearted remark about Gerwig's assured directorial success.