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Former EXID member Hani pays tribute to late Shinsadong Tiger

Hani expressed her emotions for Shinsadong Tiger, sharing chat leaks

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March 03, 2024
Hani EXID pays tribute to Shinsadong Tiger
Hani EXID pays tribute to Shinsadong Tiger

Former EXID member Hani recently paid tribute to the late music producer Shinsadong Tiger.

On March 3, Hani expressed her emotions for the deceased, noting: "Oppa, do you know? You were truly a good person, and I was always grateful for that. But I regret not telling you that enough."

Speaking of the late personality’s exceptional qualities, the South Korean singer added: "Inside the fence you built for us with your care, effort, and sacrifice, we laughed a lot. You were the best protector. Thank you for keeping us true to ourselves."

Sharing her conversation with Shinsadong, who encouraged her, the former EXID member highlighted his text message that read: "You're not a worrisome existence! You will eventually be happy and win because, though you may be slower and more frustrating than others, you gain from it yourself. Let's not lose our self-esteem."

To which Hani had humorously responded: "Even Oppa thinks I’m slow and frustrating! I did try my best!" adding, "Thank you for waiting even though I’m slow and frustrating."

The two shared a meaningful bond, with Shinsadong being a force behind the creation of EXID. 

He first launched it in 2012, after which the group slowly rose to fame with their hit track Up and Down.

Tiger died on February 23 at the age of 41 due to reasons that remain unknown to date.