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Song Joong-ki dubs 'My Name is Loh Kiwan' as 'most meaningful' work yet

Song Joong-ki interacted with the fans of the Netflix film during a Q&A session

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March 03, 2024
Song Joong-ki gets emotional about Netflix original My Name is Loh Kiwan
Song Joong-ki gets emotional about Netflix original My Name is Loh Kiwan

Actor Song Joong-ki recently offered an insight into his experience filming the Netflix original My Name is Loh Kiwan.

During the film’s talk event, there was an open-ended Q&A session with the audience, including the director and actors.

The actor was asked about his role in the Netflix starrer, emphasizing on how Song was able to do justice to Kiwan's character.

He replied: "There's a scene etched in my mind. While preparing, I pondered over this, but I could only imagine since I hadn't experienced Kiwan's situation myself."

"Then, my North Korean language teacher shared their actual experiences and situations. They spoke about it calmly and with a smile, which made a deep impression on me. It was very sad."

Song Joong-ki expressed concern for the victims, shedding light on their bitter experiences.

The South-Korean actor further revealed that he decided to adopt an approach “where I wouldn't force myself to feel sad but rather, let go of the tension."

A member from the audience volunteered to mention a line from the film, leaving a lasting impression on the actor.

Song Joong-ki responded in the most appropriate manner, saying: "I believe this movie has a strong connection. When I encountered this film, the phrase 'Do we deserve to be happy?' lingered with me. I requested the director to include this line."

He reflected upon some of the meaningful instances from the film, talking about his dialogue with Marie.

Song’s main focus revolved around the concept happiness.

He concluded his statement, noting: "I'm still not sure what qualifies one to be happy, but I'm certain that everyone deserves it, regardless of their status or position, simply because they are human. That's why we shouldn't treat others carelessly. I want to live teaching this to my baby born last year, something I felt through this movie."

In the end, the actor encouraged an activity that involved writing letters of comfort inspired by the film.

Song Joong-ki regarded the film talk as one of the “most meaningful” sessions till date, recalling the time when he first wrote a letter to his ‘close brother’ who passed away.

Kim Hee-jin’s My Name is Loh Kiwan revolves around a North Korean defector, who travels to Belgium as his only hope. He later runs into Marie, a hopeless woman, with nothing to lose.

In the film, Song Joong-ki plays the role of Kiwan, a defector who survives till the very end.