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Sydney Sweeney unveils 'five-point plan' to conquer acting in 'SNL' monologue

Sydney Sweeney also jokes about the romance rumors with her former co-star Glen Powell

By Web Desk
March 03, 2024
Sydney Sweeney unveils five-point plan to conquer acting in SNL monologue
Sydney Sweeney unveils 'five-point plan' to conquer acting in 'SNL' monologue

Sydney Sweeney, The White Lotus star took the stage on Saturday Night Live this weekend, not just as a guest star, but with a hilarious mission: to break into acting on the legendary sketch comedy show itself.

During her opening monologue, Sweeney donned a bathrobe and slippers, portraying a wide-eyed ingenue with a binder labelled SNL Acting Plan clutched in her hand. She then proceeded to unveil her "five-point plan" to infiltrate the hallowed halls of Studio 8H.

Point one, according to Sweeney, was to "look really excited to be here." She then proceeded to jump up and down with a wide grin, eliciting laughter from the audience. Point two involved mastering various celebrity impressions, which she demonstrated with a (comically bad) impersonation of Lorne Michaels.

Point three, Sweeney declared, was to "show you can hang with the cast." She then launched into a reenactment of a typical SNL afterparty, complete with spilt drinks and nonsensical conversations. Point four, perhaps the most relatable for aspiring actors, was "Pretend you already know everyone." Sweeney hilariously attempted this by name-dropping random crew members and writers.

Finally, point five, the pièce de résistance, was to "write your own sketch... even if it's bad." Cue the awkward silence as Sweeney presented a nonsensical sketch involving a sentient piece of pizza.

Despite the (intentionally) terrible sketch, Sweeney's comedic timing and self-deprecating humour won over the audience.