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Prince Harry forced to ‘think twice’ about his promise to King Charles

Prince Harry vowed to visit King Charles as much as he can after cancer diagnosis

By Web Desk
March 03, 2024
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Prince Harry could schedule a return to the UK soon to inquire after his cancer-stricken father King Charles.

He flied to the UK at the beginning of last month after the King personally informed him about his diagnosis with cancer.

In a follow-up interview with Good Morning America, the Spare author vowed he would visit the royal family “as much as I can” in the wake of current health crisis. 

However, speaking to the Mirror, royal author Tom Quinn suggested the Duke of Sussex might face a bit of a conundrum in terms of inadequate security in his home country as well as his wife Meghan Markle’s reluctance to accompany him.

Rest assured, he warned about the royal about weightage of his visit to help him corroborate his brand image that revolves around being caring.

Quinn told the outlet: "The fact that he lost his High Court challenge will definitely make him think twice about coming back to the UK, but on the other hand, he feels under enormous pressure to show the world that he is a caring member of the Royal Family.”

“The only way he can show he cares is to visit his father,” the royal expert explained, “even if that is difficult because Meghan won't want to come and he is still completely unable to make things up with his brother.”

"The key thing is that it will look terrible if Harry doesn't visit his father again - and fairly soon - because Harry and Meghan have made being caring and sharing a central part of their mission, their brand.

“How will it look if Harry cares about injured soldiers but doesn't seem to care much about his stricken father?" Quinn wondered.