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Kim Kardashian 'abandons' dream career in law: Here's why

The reality TV star's latest career move could be seen as a 'setback or failure'

By Web Desk
March 02, 2024
Heres why Kim Kardashian quit pursuing law career
Here's why Kim Kardashian quit pursuing law career  

Kim Kardashian decided to give up on law career in order to prioritise her family and other business ventures, claims a PR expert.

For the unversed, the reality TV star was extremely passionate about studying law like her late father Robert Kardashian. 

However, a few days ago, The Sun reported that the mother-of-four has not been able to continue her studies for law exams. 

Now, a PR guru Mayah Riaz told The Mirror that Skims founder that it is commendable that "Kim recognises her own limitations."

She added, "It's no secret that she found the study process tedious and challenging, and there's something to be said about prioritising mental well-being and avoiding burnout."

On the other hand, Mayah also believes that the socialite's latest career move "could be seen as a setback or failure" due to the "public statements she made about her passion for pushing for prison reform."

The expert further shared that Kim's decision could 'disappoint' her fans, especially those "who admired her for taking on such a challenging endeavour."